Unspeakable grief and the seductive explorations of young adulthood lead Cody, a beautiful 18-year-old girl, into a tawdry world of sex, drugs and sadomasochism. When Cody meets a mysterious and provocative new friend Diablo, she finds herself experimenting with enhanced forms of eroticism through pain, pleasure, exhibitionism and more.... The turmoil of losing her father and rebelling against her mother blur the lines between fantasy, humiliation and friendship. As Cody sorts through painful memories and discovers secrets locked in her psyche, Diablo takes her on a shocking thrill-ride. A terrifying, yet titillating story pushing boundaries that you'll never forget.

Genres: Thriller

Actors: Sara Catherine Bellamy, Every Heart, Nathan DeLatorre,

Directors: Kevin Van Stevenson

Country: United States

Duration: 92 min


Release: 2018

IMDb: 3

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